Greetings Earthlings! (Or aliens who are reading this blog to gain more information about humankind before invading Earth.)

My name is Carrie Pinkard and this is my comedy blog. The primary purpose of this blog is to make you laugh so hard that you forget that life is mostly mediocre.

This blog will be delivering you satirical news hot of the presses, open letters you never knew you wanted to read, and unsolicited life advice from yours truly. There will also be a healthy dose of memes and dog pics, because I know what you people really want.

It’s likely you stumbled on my blog because you’re on your fourth hour of procrastinating and you’ve already read all the latest Onion articles. Or you’re one of my four Facebook friends that clicks on links that I share. Either way, welcome. Pop some popcorn, prop your feet up, and get ready to laugh hysterically at your computer screen. Or at the very least let out a polite chuckle because you feel sorry for me.

Please visit my contact me page for information on how to reach me. Happy reading! And remember, life is hard. Have pun with it.

P.S: If you’re on this blog you might be a comedy enthusiast yourself. If so, don’t ever let anyone make you feel bad about “using humor as a coping mechanism”. After all, laughter is cheaper than cocaine.